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Most of our slot tips apply to both online slots and actual slot machines at your local casino. Above all our main advice is playing slots should be fun.

Play slots that have high payouts or big jackpots. Online slots generally have higher payouts than live casinos due to less overhead costs.

Check the payout schedule. You need to know what winning combinations of symbols you are aiming to get and adjust your playing strategy accordingly.

The slot is not due a payout just because you have put alot of money in it. Don't let this be a reason to stay at one particular slot. You should really leave this slot, ifs a particular game type you enjoy playing see if the casino has another one. It will be more fun if its paying out.

Don't leave a hot slot that is paying out alot or has just paid a big jackpot. Keep playing, its likely it will keep paying out.

Play in your financial comfort zone. Don't play at the dollar bet machines if you only have a few dollars. Your money will last alot longer at the nickel and quarter games.

Start your session with a set amount of money you are happy to lose. If you lose all of this then stop playing if its money you can't afford to lose or if losing more will cause you a feeling of regret.

When you are on a winning streak bet more. Increase stakes and maximise winnings. If you are on a losing streak bet less and keep losing streaks to a minimum.

Always bet the maximum amount of coins when playing. You don't want to hit the jackpot and not win the maximum because you didn't bet all coins. You would always be thinking what might have been if a winning $100,00 combination jackpot shows and you only win $1000 because you were betting only 1 coin at a time. If the maximum wager is to high, look for a different slot with max bet in your comfort zone.

Always read what the minimum number of coins needed to play is.

Don't play slots you don't understand. You won't be getting full value from your bets and no doubt you won't be egtting full amount of fun from the game if its confusing you and you don't know what you should be doing. Theres plenty more so find another one.

If you are playing regularly at a particular casino find out if they have a slots club. You could be entitled to comps or gifts based on how often you play.

At a live casino never play two slot machines at the same time, 2 loose machines are never played side by side. So what you win at one you are very likely to be losing in the other.

Related to the above tip, never play next to someone who is winning alot, for the very same reason 2 loose machines are never played side by side.

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