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Best Mobile Casinos for US Slots Players

Online mobile casinos are rapidly becoming more and more popular thanks to ever increasing advances in mobile technology, be it advances in the hardware that powers the devices themselves or advances in the mobile networks - also known as mobile broadband - every bit helps the increase and adoption of the use of mobile devices for much more than just talking to one and other.

Tablets and mobiles are getting ever faster processors, more memory and larger, clearer screens which all adds up to better, sexier devices capable of handling faster, more feature packed and more visually exciting games and as the consumer led demand for ever more powerful smartphones and tablets shows no signs of letting up, this boom in what are, in effect, highly portable, user friendly computers is big news for both mobile casino game developers and operators alike.

Mobile Casino Software & Your Operating System

The software that powers the mobile casinos can vary, this is because of the operating systems that run on the different devices. As with computers there are a few big players in the operating systems world such as iOS which powers Apple's devices such as the iPhone, iPad etc. Then there's Apple's arch-rival Android which is developed and headed by Google and is available on a wide range of devices including phones and tablets to name just a few. Bringing up the rear we have Windows Mobile which as you will is made by Microsoft. It's a cut down version of Windows that runs on mobile devices and was the predecessor to Windows Phone (the latest versiono of which is commonly known as as Windows Phone 7) which itself is soon to be replaced by Windows 8 as Microsoft continue their fight back against Apple and Android.

Last but by no means least there is BlackBerry - just like Apple they have their own OS and their own devices which attract a loyal following even if they have lost ground to the iPhone and iPad in recent years. The latest BlackBerry Playbook 2.0 OS update has been a big hit with both critics and consumers alike so there's plenty of mileage in BlackBerry yet.

When it comes to online casinos in the desktop world it is normally a case that the casinos will supply a downloadable program that installs and runs on Windows and Macs. Many casinos will also offer an online, non downloadable version that runs in your web browser but requires Java or, more typically, Flash to run. With mobile casinos it is either a native app which has been written specifically for the operating system that your device is running however a newer technological development has come along in the form of HTML5 enabling the casino to run right in your browser as long as it supports HTML5 and all of the HTML5 features that the casino is using. Luckily when it comes to HTML5, mobile browsers are leading the way.

As we mention below, all the different operating systems have their own app stores and you may not be able to find real casinos in them as the app stores may not allow gambling apps to be listed in their stores so the easiest way to get access to a mobile casino is by using one of the links in the table below which will take you to the casinos website where you will be able to get the mobile casino for your device.

To read more about the main mobile casino software developers such as Microgaming, Slotland and Playtech see our Mobile Casino Software Guide.

Mobile Devices

The devices themselves in the past have been the thing that's held the development of mobile casino gaming back to a great extent. Sure we've seen WAP and simple Java apps and there probably were some casino type games in those formats however the older devices that just supported WAP all tended to have much smaller screens than the newer, more advanced phones of today such as the iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, Note and devices from other hardware manufactures such as HTC.

Now thanks to advances in technology, stunning smartphones and cool, big screen tablets combined with always on, ultra fast broadband is fast becoming the new normal and this means there ar lots of exciting developments in the world of casino gaming - developments that will see a huge increase in the quality and quantity of mobile casino slots.

Recommended Mobile Casino

Established in 1998, Slotland Casino is now available to play on mobile. Download and play a selection of their exclusive slots games on iPhone, iPad and mobile phones.

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iPhone Mobile Casinos

When it comes to smart phones Apple has definitely had huge success and gained one of the biggest shares of the mobile market thanks totheir popular iPhones and so you can be sure to find games and apps at the best casinos that will run on an iPhone either in the form of a native iOS app or a HTML5 casino. As you are probably aware, Adob Flash based games can not run on Apple's devices, but that's not a problem as software developers have begun to migrate to other technologies such as HTML5 and even Adobe's own AIR technology (quite capable of delivering Flash content to iPhones and iPads) which means there are no barriers when it comes to developing games for iPhone and iPad users.

Native apps can only stay in the iTunes store if Apple allow them so if Apple decide for any reason, such as legal / licensing reasons, that they do not want or can't allow gambling apps in their store then they would be able to remove such apps from the store at anytime. This would not affect HTML5 casinos as you navigate to them directly and do not need them to be in the app store.

Mobile casinos that support the iPhone will almost certainly also be supporting the iPad as well so if you're the lucky owner of one of these popular tablets then you'll be able to play slots on them with no problem - developers such as Microgaming are working hard to ensure their popular games such as Tomb Raider Mobile Slot are fully optimised for and look fantastic on the iPad.

We have more about iPhone Mobile Casinos including our pick of the best iPhone Casinos.

Android Mobile Casinos

Just about everyone has now heard of Android and it is competing neck and neck with Apple and the Apple iOS (version 6 of which is to be released in Autumn 2012) that runs on their idevices such as the iPhone and iPad. Android has a much wider range of hardware devices to choose from that come in all shapes, sizes and colors and all vary in performance. Just like iOS, Android also has its own app store where you can find all apps that are allowed by the maintainer of the Google Play app store which as the name suggests is run by Google. HTML5 casinos will work with Android devices and you should find pretty much all of he biggest and best mobile casinos cater for Android owners.

Getting started playing slots games using your Android phone or tablet is a simple procees - a mobile casino will ask you to fill in a registration or download form if you're new to the casino and then they will let you download the games ofyour choice whenever you want and you can start playing. Also available at many mobile casinos are WebApps and these slots games allow you to play on your Android instantly without needing to download anything first.

We have more about Android Mobile Casinos including our pick of the best Android Casinos.

Windows Mobile Casinos

While sales of Windows Phones lag behind Android and iPhone at the moment it looks like exciting things are in happening in the world of Windows Phone at the moment what with the much anticipated release of Windows 8 and Microsoft gearing up to take on their arch rival Apple in a battle of the tablets with the launch of Surface (we're sceptical anything can knock the iPad off the top spot). Windows mobile also has an app store which is called ?Marketplace?, here you can download native apps for your Windows phone and tablets. You will find that the latest HTML5 casino games from the likes of Microgamimg work on Windows mobile without any problem.

Recommended Slotland Mobile Games

Game Details
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BlackBerry Mobile Casinos

BlackBerry devices remain a popular choice with consumers and if you're the owner of a BlackBerry Playbook or a suitable BlackBerry phone such as the BlackBerry 8100 Pearl or the BlackBerry Bold, to name just two, then you can play mobile casinos on your devices at some of the most popualr mobile casinos. Java based BlackBerry casino games including mobile slots from the likes of Microgaming and Playtech can be downloaded to your phone if it's a slighly older device or if you have a more modern model you can access and play the games of your choice, instantly via Web based games or WebApps as they are know.

Mobile Casinos - the future

If you've played at any online casino you've probably had access to at least 100 casino games to choose from and at some casinos such as those powered by mobile Microgaming you'll find many hundreds of games on offer. Mobile casinos can not compete with those sort of numbers at this moment in time however as consumers steadily migrate from the traditional desktop PCs and switch to gaming on smaller, more portable devcies we believe that the future of mobile casinos is assured and, indeed, we think it's only a matter of time until mobile casino gaming is the biggest sector of the casino games and slots industry.

Finally, something to keep in mind when it comes to all mobile applications is that if the application needs to have a connection open in order to send and receive data which a casino application will need to do, you could easily use up all your data allowance, it is therefore best to play when you are on a wifi connection or when you know you have lots of data allowance left.

Recommended Casino for US Players

US players can play at Slotland Mobile Casino. Play a selection of their exclusive slots games on Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry direct from the devices web browser.

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