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Slots Strategy

There isn't a sure fire way to beat slots using any strategy when playing slot machines in a live casino or any online slot game. The casinos will always have the edge. However here are a few things that you can do to stretch your dollars and maximize your chances of winning.

This section takes a look at various methods that can be used for both slot machines at your local casino or online.

First off we start with the basics:
  • Naked Pulls Needed to get you away from that cold machine.
  • Loss Limits If you have a losing day, keep that loss to a minimum.
  • We have a number betting methods which we have split up between

  • 3 coin machine strategies
  • 5 coin machine strategies

  • First, below we highlight a few aspects.

    Key points for slot machine strategy :

  • Slot machine strategies allow you to bet smaller stakes when losing.
  • Slot machine strategies allow you to bet higher stakes when winning.
  • The above may seem unimportant but it is actually a key to winning. It will keep any losses to a minimum and certainly increase your playing time with a set budget. By reducing your betting when you are on a losing streak at a cold machine you are limiting your overall loss. You are then more likely to recoup your losses when you do find yourself at a winning hot slots machine because you have been increasing your bet sizes while winning.

    This is in fact the opposite of what most players naturally tend to do. They get caught up in the myth that the machine is due a pay out and they start increasing there wagers and ploughing more and more money into a cold machine. Before long they have lost there bankroll for the day. Our methods look to prevent this and improve your winrate.

    In our examples we use the quarter bets, however if you like playing higher stakes or currencies then simply adjust the stakes or currencies you will be wagering.

    So if you haven't tried them already, take a look at the various strategies/methods 3 coin machine strategies and 5 coin machine strategies. If you have any other strategies or a betting series that works for you, please feel free to let us know.

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