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As with any popular game all kinds of jargon comes into play by regular slot machine players at there local casino or in particular with the online slots games advancing all the time with various new features, some of the terms used may be confusing to a beginner, so here we have set out a list of the most commonly used slot terms and there meanings below in an A- Z format. Terms relate to both online and casino slot machines.

Bank - Is a row of slot machines.

- Is the amount you have available to gamble. Some players change there bet sizes based on there total bankroll.

Bonus Symbol - A bonus symbol is one that triggers a bonus feature such as a bonus game when one or more bonus symbol lands on the reels. Often the Bonus symbol is also a Scatter Symbol so you only need to get a certain number of the symbol appear in any position on any reel to cause it to activate the bonus feature.

Carousel - Is a bank of slot machines, usually of 1 type that normally link to a progressive jackpot.

Coin Size - Is the size of the bet per spin.

Coins per spin - Is the number of coins that you can play per spin.

Comps - Complimentary food and drink, hotel rooms, or merchandise sometime given to slots clubs players.

Fruit Machine - Name for slot machine with hold and nudge features and a cash ladder very popular in England.

Hit Rate - Or Hit Frequency Is the average rate between winning and non winning spins. How often the slot pays out.

Hold - This is the percentage amount of money held by the casino per bet. Its the casinos profit.

Hopper - A container under a slot machine which holds dropped coins.

Hot Slots - Are slots that pay out frequently. Also known as Loose slots.

Jackpot - The highest pay out for that slot game.

Load - Is playing the maximum number of bets per spin.

Max Bet - The maximum you can bet per spin.

Max Coins - This is the maximum number of coins you can bet in a single spin on a slot game. It is calculated by taking the number of pay lines and multiplying that figure by the maximum number of coins you can bet on a pay line. For example if a slots game had 10 pay lines and allowed you to bet up to 5 coins on each pay line the max coins would be 10 x 5 = 50

Money Management - Various strategies used by players so they don't lose there bankroll.

Multiplier Symbol - Increases the payout of any winning combination it complete by a given multiple. For example if getting 3 cherry's in a row would normally pay out 50 coins and the apple is a multiplier symbol that substitutes cherry's getting 2 cherry's and one apple on a payline would give a pay out of 100 coins. This example assumes that the multiplier symbol is also a wild symbol, but it does not have to be. A multiplier symbol could also double, triple, quadruple (or any other multiple) the winnings of any winning pay lines simply by being visible on the reels. So check the game rules or our review of the slots game to find out what causes the multiplier symbol to multiply your winnings.

Odds - The probability of something happening, e.g. hitting a winning combination.

One-armed bandit - What some people call slot machines due to there appearance.

Progressive Jackpot - A jackpot which grows with each bet placed by a player. There are 2 types of progressive jackpots. An individual progressive jackpot which is on one slot machine which can be played by one person at a time. Or a multiple or linked progressive jackpot which like the online progressives are played by many people at the same time. Progressive Jackpot slots online are always linked which mean the jackpots grow bigger faster.

Pay line - This is the line you need your winning combination of symbols. Some slot games have multiple pay lines.

Payout Rate - This explains the percentage payout of any game over a set period of time, usually a month.

Pay Table - Lists the winning combinations for slot you are playing.

Poker Machine - Or Pokie Name for slot machine in Australia.

Random Number Generator - Commonly used abbreviated RNG. Is a computer program that generates random numbers in milliseconds. Each random number represents a reel combination. The slot machine is generating these numbers all the time and whichever number it generates the moment you pull the handle or press the bet button it will use to show the reel combination.

Reels - These are what spin round when you pull the lever or place a bet.

Scatter Symbol - A symbol that appears anywhere on any of the reels. Doesn't have to be on a specific pay line to cause you to win. The number of scatter symbols that must be present and the amounts paid out varies from game to game.

Slot Club - Offered by some casinos which offer gifts or comps to players based on how often and how much they bet. A kind of loyalty scheme where a slots card is used to record the players play.

Slot Tournament - A slots competition in live casinos. Prizes are given normally based on slot card credits earned while playing.

Symbols - Are the pictures on the reels. E.G. The classic slot symbols cherries or the 777.

Tight - A tight slot machine is one that is thought not to pay out often. Some call it cold.

Video Slot - In a land based Casino a video slot is a slots game that has a video screen. Online video slots games have either symbols that move, a video intro or both.

Winning Combinations - The number of possible winning outcome from the pay table.

Wild Symbol - A symbol that can be counted as any other symbol and result in a possible winning combination.

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