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 Post subject: How does a slots tournament even work?
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How does a slots tournament even work?
Do players have to play at a certain time?
Is it a knockout?
What slots are played?

Do we play with real money? What stakes? Do we keep what we win when we play?

How is a winner determined? Do they have 1st, 2nd, 3rd? Or only 1 winner?

Is it 100% luck based who wins?

Do we have to pay to join the tournament? Or is it free entry?

Thanks in advance.

 Post subject: How Slots Tournaments work
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Hi jackpothunter

Im going to attempt to answer your questions.

There are a number of different ways a slots tournament can work each is slightly different.

Most common Slots Tournament type

1. You buy in for a small fee (usually $5 to $35) and are given some play money chips for use in the tournament.
2. You have a set amount of time to wager on certain slots games.
3. Your aim is to increase the amount of play money you have to be higher than that of other people in the tournament. You can stop at anytime.
4. If you finish in the top X amount you win.

I have written a Slots Article about this type of Slots Tournament that explains this in greater detail.

The Who Wagers the most style Slots Tournament

A good example of this was the April $100 slots tournament at Intercasino was simply the 50 players who wager the most on Video Slots (and that could be any video slot game) would each recieve a $100 prize.

Usually there is no certain time, but it is theoretically possible that a time would be stipulated, but it is usually anytime you want during a given time period, so for the example I gave above the time period was during the month of April. But right now City Club casino have an all games tournament on (not just slots) that you can play anytime this week.

Knock Out Slots Tournament

I have not come accross a knock out slots tournament yet, but what a great idea, maybe I should suggest that to some of the casinos.

Sit and Go Style Slots Tournaments

Currently only Royal Vegas, RiverBelle, All Jackpots and All Slots offer sit and go slots tournaments. The idea is that only a limited number of people can play in each tournament (typically 5 players max).

This means that you always have a very good chance of winning, as on a 5 max sit and go slots tournament they will have 2 winners.

Other than that Sit and Gos are played by what I refer to as 'Most common Slots Tournament type' outlined above.

What Slots are played?

As for what slots are played, some like the one at Intercasino in April allow you to play any video slot, then others like the July 2006 Intercasino Tournament state you must play a certain type of slots in this case their Marvel Slots Games. And some other tournaments will be limited to just one specific game.

What money is used?

Most tournments as described above are played with 'tournament or play money' so that all the player is risking is their entry fee. This means each player gets an equal chance of winning, even if they are not a high roller. This type of slots tournament also offers the players alot of play for a relativly small outlay.

Other slots tournament you do play with Real money (and your own money at that). The stakes depend again on the specific tournament.

If you are playing with real money then yes you get to keep your winnings.

In the above examples the top 50 players who wager the most amounts (regardless of if they are winning or losing, its just the total amount wagered) get a $100 prize and are thus winners. But there are other ways of running a slots tournament that would have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd and other (generally smaller tournaments) that have just 1 winner.

Is a Slots Tournament all about Luck?

I guess a tournament could be 100% luck but I have not seen one like that.

It is usually who wins the most with the tournament / play money they were given for their entry fee, or who wagers the most amount, or who makes the most number of wagers, or even who wins the largest times a wager (thats a good one). In the first couple of instances luck has very little to do with it, as it is simply the more you play the more chance you have of winning. In the third instance then yes luck does play a part but the more you play the more chance you have again so it is still not 100% luck based, but there is a luck element in that third case.

With the first example and the most common type of slots tournament, there is a few elements of skill as you can look at the the leader board and decide when to stop playing when you are ranked where you are happy. OR carry on using your slots strategy when you are not in the runnings for a prize.

Cost to Enter a Slots Tournament

It really depends on the type of tournament as to whether you have to pay an entry fee or not. Generally speaking the slots tournaments with entry fees offer great value for money as those are the tournaments that generally give you a set amount of play money to wager.

Other tournaments where you play with your own money often do not have an entry fee and you keep your winnings, as well as any prize. However this kind of tournament also brings more risk and generally suites High Rollers better (as they tend to have a greater chance of winning).

I hope that helps :D

Slots Jam

 Post subject: Re: How does a slots tournament even work?
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Following is a short description on how a slots tournament works:

Packed with loads of excitement, live slot tournaments enable you to compete against other online casino players for various prizes.

The games work like regular slot games except that at the beginning of a tournament, each player is allotted a fixed number of coins and has a certain amount of time to wager these coins.

When the tournament ends, the casino announces the official winners and immediately credits their accounts with their winnings. To begin playing in a live slot tournament, log on to the casino and follow these three easy steps:
1. Click on Tournaments
2. Choose Scheduled or Sit & Go tournaments
3. Select a tournament and have fun!

There are two types of slots tournaments:
Scheduled and Sit & Go Tournaments

Scheduled tournaments start at specific time. Inside the casino software in the “scheduled tournaments” section, you can see when each tournament begins.
It is important to note that the results of scheduled tournaments are official only when the period for the tournament has concluded.

Sit & Go tournaments are open for all players, and are unique in that they require as few as five players to begin a tournament. The idea behind Sit & Go tournaments is that they run all the time and begin as soon as the predetermined number of players register for the tournament. If you round out a Sit & Go tournament, it will begin right away.
If you need to wait for more players, then you can play on other casino games and the casino will automatically alert you when the tournament is about to begin. Please note that Sit & Go tournaments start 30 seconds after the last player registers, so if you go away from your computer while waiting, you might miss part of or the entire tournament.

Have fun betting your money on our online casino, and make big bucks.

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