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Naked Pulls

The importance of keeping down losses cannot be over emphasise The wins will come. The key is keeping your losses to such a minimum that when you do hit the winning streak, you don't have alot of losses to regain.

Along with loss limits, there is another method naked pulls is just as important in getting you away from a cold slot machine before it gets all your cash. "Naked" means "nothing" and "pulls" is for "plays." If you are not getting a return over a series of plays, then that machine is cold.

To get your naked pulls number think of a number between 7 and 14. You have to give the slot game at least 7 pulls, but when you reach the teens, it's becoming increasingly obvious its a cold machine.

Let's suppose you pick ten as your naked pulls. The instant you reach ten pulls with zero return, you finish that session. Don't even think about another pull, just leave. One more will lead to another then another and so on, before you know it, you've just given one machine all your cash.

With the use of these two separate protections of your session money, it is now safe to say that you can't loss all out at a single machine. Look at the theories:

  1. Loss Limits: With a strict loss limit of 60% of the total amount of the session money, you have a built in protection against losing all at one slot machine. Another importance of loss limits is if the naked pull number you set doesn't get reached. Let's say, for example ten is your naked pulls. You could lose seven in a row, win one, then lose six more straight, then win one, lose another eight straight, then win one. See whats happening? Your not hitting your naked pulls but you're having a really weak run and losing out. The loss limit protects you in these instances.
  2. Naked Pulls: It may be annoying to keep moving to different slot machines, but when cold trends hit these machines, its not uncommon for 12- 14 pulls and no return to occur. Therefore these 2 basic methods alone provide you with some great protection, especially when combined.

It is imperative that you see the importance of cutting losses. It's a structured approach to gambling, but it does work.

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